Wevie Dimascus hosted a silent disco (a dance party where everyone wears headphones and tunes in to the same channel) in the Pratt Chapel this Friday night from 10pm-10:30pm. It's called Wevie Dimascus. Pratt radio is hosting the audio that our class made for the silent disco and they was lived streamed. The playlist played on Pratt Radio for 30 minutes, and it was followed by one of our students (who's radio show was during that time) who spoke about the class project and what it means to her. You can listen to the radio show here. This is a full class collaboration that began as an online myth-making project, but it evolved into an event. The class made a logo for it, and a Instagram, and they'll also be hanging posters. Additionally, everyone made a 30-second audio piece responding to the theme of inclusivity/equality/diversity (a theme that they chose! Our students are the best!) that will be spliced throughout the playlist of songs (one of our students actually made a song for it). The idea to do all of this came about through class discussion and brainstorming, and the class voted along the way on a handful of decisions. Ultimately, they wanted to create a safe space for people to have fun, and a big part of the project is about promoting the event in a way that makes all different kinds of people feel welcome. It was a response to the Fyre Festival fiasco, which was promoted entirely with viral content, and ultimately failed because of social media. But unlike the Fyre Festival, which used only skinny "hot" female models wearing bikinis to entice people to come, this project uses found footage from diverse sources, represents diverse people, and includes text in multiple languages. The project wound up becoming an exercise in group collaboration, conceptualizing and implementing a marketing/advertising campaign, organizing a real event, and creating an immersive sound installation/audio artwork—all while creating a cohesive and meaningful narrative relevant to our current era/cultural climate